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She is studying in a mixed university and she wants to leave it and wear niqab even though her parents object

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I have proposed to a girl who is studying with me in college. I have completed my studies, and I am now saving up by Allaah’s grace so that I can get married, but she is still studying. We agreed that she would put on niqab after we got married, but there is a great deal of harassment for any manifestation of commitment to Islam. They harass her on her way to the college but we are still very keen for her to wear niqab. We are very confused, especially in the light of this turmoil, and the situation is as you know. 

As she is about to finish her studies, her decision to give up her studies and put on niqaab has met with strong objections from her parents. 

I hope that you will advise us, because we have great confidence in you, especially as her study requires her to go to the college regularly. 

The second matter is that I am now working in a company that specialises in web design. Praise be to Allaah, I have not encountered any problems except that most of the time we use computer programs. All that I am afraid of is that my earning from this may be haraam -- Allaah forbid -- although the company is not able to buy the rights to these programs?.

Praise be to Allaah.




We ask Allaah to protect you and keep you and increase you in faith and
guidance, and we say: May Allaah love you for Whose sake you love us. 




Women are required to cover their entire bodies in front of non-mahram men,
because of the evidence that we have previously discussed in the answer to
question number 11774. 




It is haraam for men and women to mix in educational institutions and
elsewhere, because of what that leads to of falling into many things that
are forbidden in sharia, and because of the evils that result from it. See
the answer to question number
1200 and 103044. 




Because of the situation in which Muslims are living in your country, and
the open war against niqab and hijab, and because of what you have mentioned
about the parents refusing to let their daughter give up her studies and
because she is about to finish her studies, then we hope that there will be
no blame on her if she continues her studies, whilst striving to reduce the
evil as much as possible. So she should not converse with men, or give
anyone any reason to speak to her or get to know her, and she should not go
out to the University except when she has to. 


See the answer to question number




It is not permissible to copy discs whose authors have not given permission
to copy them, so as to protect copyright, which is a legitimate right which
it is not permissible to transgress against, and in accordance with the
conditions agreed to by both parties to the transaction, unless the discs
belong to a company in a country which is in a state of war against the
Muslims, in which case there is nothing wrong with it, or the copy is for
personal use, especially when the original is not available and one cannot
afford to pay for it. 


See the answer to question number


We ask Allaah to guide us and you, and to make us and you steadfast. 


And Allaah knows best

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