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Eid traditions in different countries

Eid traditions in various countries ...
Eid is a Muslim holiday which falls on 1 Syawal on the lunarIslamic calendar.
Idul Fitri marks the end of fasting during Ramadan.
Eid prayer is usually performed in the field. The law of this Eid Salat is the sunnah mu'akkad. Before prayers, Muslims proclaiming interpretation.

Takbir began blown after months of Shawwal begins. Besides fulfilling the Sunnah Salat Eid, the Muslims also must pay a tithe as much as 2.7 kilograms of staple food. The goal of his own tithe is to give happiness to the poor. Then, Sermon given after the Eid prayers took place, and followed by prayer. After that, the Muslims each other's Greetings. Sometimes some people will make pilgrimages to visit the grave
Muslims in Indonesia to make the holiday Eid al-Fitr as a primary, a moment to regroup with their families, especially families who for some reason, such as employment or marriage
Indonesia's Muslims began the celebration of the feast was preoccupied with these, the most important is Mudik or return home.

Southeast Asia
The most popular dish in the celebration of Idul Fitri in Indonesia is the diamond, which is very familiar in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. For children, the parents usually give money to their feast. During the celebration, people usually visit the houses of neighbors or relatives to stay in touch, known as "kosher-halal bi Familiar in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, begged pardon and forgiveness to them. Some state officials also held open houses for people who want to stay in touch.
In Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Eid also known as Hari Raya Aidil fast-Fitr or Hari Raya.
Muslims are a minority in the Philippines, so most people are not so familiar with this celebration. However, the Eid celebrations arranged as a national holiday by the government in the Republic Act No. 9177 and valid since 13 November 2002.

Southern Asia
In Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, the night before Eid is called Chand Raat, or night of the Moon.
The women, especially the young, often with each other their hands painted with traditional materials hennadan and wearing colorful chains.
The most popular in South Asia during the celebration of Eid is to say Eid Mubarak to another
Some Muslims also visit the tomb of their family members to pray for the safety of the deceased. Usually, children visit relatives and older neighbors to apologize, and say hello.
After meeting with friends and relatives, many people who go to parties, carnivals, and special celebrations in the gardens (with a picnic, fireworks, firecrackers, etc.). In Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, many are done bazaar, as the culmination of Idul Fitri. Some Muslims also use this occasion to distribute zakat mal, Zakat on his wealth, to the poor people.
Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia, precisely in Riyadh, Muslims decorate the home during Eid arrived. A number of celebrations were held such as theatrical performances, poetry readings, parades, musical performances, and so forth. Problem menu Fitri, Muslims over there eating lamb mixed with rice and traditional vegetables. This also happened in the Sudan, Syria, and several other Middle East countries.

In China, specifically in Xinjiang, it looks festive celebration of Idul Fitri. Men typically wear a suit and a white skullcap, while women wore the sweater and scarf half closed. After the Eid prayers, feasts and bersilaturahim were carried out.

Lebaran in Iran even less flamboyant. This is because the vast majority of Muslims there are followers of Shia doctrine. After the Eid prayers at the mosque or field, they simply continue with the event with family and close relationship with the events feeding from rich families to the less able.

In Europe, the celebration of Eid al-Fitr is not done with so lively. In England for example, Idul Fitri is not celebrated as a national holiday. The Muslims in England should be looking for information on Eid day. Usually, this information is obtained from the nearest or the Islamic Centre of Islamic mailing list. Eid was celebrated modestly in the UK. Sermon delivered by a local mosque Imam, followed by shaking hands shaking. Usually in the one area where there are many Muslims there, the offices and some schools in the area will provide a holiday for the Muslims. To determine the day of Eid itself, the scholars and experts of Islamic religion often hold rukyat reckoning to determine the Idul Fitri holidays.

North America
North American Muslims typically celebrate Eid with calm and solemn manner
Eid prayer is very important, and encouraged Muslims to pray Id beg forgiveness and reward. After prayers, there kutbah where the priest gives advice to the congregation and are usually encouraged to end any past hatred or error which they may have. After prayers and kutbah, pilgrims embrace each other and each other to congratulate each other Eid. North American Muslims also celebrate Eid with each other how to give and receive gifts to the family.
Empire State Building in New York CityUnited States, emitting green lights as a tribute to the Idul Fitri on October 12 to 14, 2007.

Eid splendor in the corner World

Hari Raya Idul Fitri is the day that awaited by Muslims worldwide after running the Ramadan fasting for one full month. In addition to its essence as a marker marks the end of fasting and purification after abstinence. Idul Fitri is a celebration of the world which is celebrated in different ways according to culture and tradition.

Idul Fitri in Indonesia is the most festive celebration in the world. Kemeriahannya had been felt long before Lebaran day it arrived. Going home or can be called with the annual exodus is a phenomenon that has been done in Indonesia. Lebaran forth a marker that people's emotional relationship with place of birth is still very strong, never eroded by the passage of time.
Richness also appear in the evening feast, where the sound echoes in the sky Takbir. Takbir voice not only come from the mosques, but also from those who entered the mobile good Takbir on foot, carrying torches and the drum or by bringing the vehicle. After implementing Eid prayer, followed by sungkem to parents, silaturrahim and shake hands by his relatives and neighbors for mutual forgiveness.
Another tradition is the feast day to give money to children. Not to forget the typical food Lebaran chicken opor diamond, and coloring table. Food served to all guests, no matter whether they are relatives or not. The majority of them celebrate Idul Fitri with clothes baru.11

Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
Idul Fitri in these three countries is known as Aidil Fitri holidays. Not much different from Indonesia, three countries are also familiar with the term known as "going home" back home ". Friendship to the relatives also carried the day plural Aidil Fitri. Lebaran is a typical dish ketupat, dodol and Lemang. The tradition of giving money to children or who is often called the "holy money" is also done during the Idul Fitri.

In contrast to the atmosphere and tradition in Indonesia, in Egypt, Cairo. atmosphere in the city of a thousand and one nights are usually deserted. NRSV has been felt in the evening because there was no tradition of interpretation around like in Indonesia.
As reported by indomedia sites, in Egypt echoes Takbir only done a few times after praying Maghrib, Isha, Fajr and before the Eid prayer. The hustle and bustle of the new look on the morning of 1 Shawwal, when millions of people poured into the mosque and the field is open for prayer Id.
Once completed Eid prayer, the people of Egypt with his family and friends together to travel to places like zoos and parks to celebrate Lebaran reveler. Giza zoo (three kilometers from downtown Cairo) to accommodate visitors overwhelmed on the first day of Idul Fitri.

Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan
Chand Raat (the night of the month) is the designation for the night before Idul Fitri. On this night people usually visit various bazaars and shopping malls with their families. The women, especially young ones, often paint each other with their hands and the henna dye traditionally wear colorful chains.
Speech is very well known in South Asia when the celebration of Eid is wishing each other Eid Mubarak. After meeting with families, relatives and friends, then go to parties, carnivals, and special celebrations in the parks.

Eid celebrations in China remains lively, despite the limited number of Muslims there. On the morning of the Muslim Eid will come to the mosque to perform Eid prayer. After that, followed by a dinner party filled with great cookbook for all the pilgrims who were present followed by supper together. The event then continued with visiting relatives and relationship to each other. The event was also filled with clean-up graves and praying at the graves of relatives. Thing that characterizes Lebaran there is a ceremony remembering the slaughter of Muslims by the Qing dynasty and also during the cultural revolution.

Eid festivities in the country windmill is not so lively. According to Muhammad As'ad, Alumni University of Leiden, the Netherlands, because of Eid is not an official holiday, the Muslims in this country must continue to work / school as usual. However, for those who are literate law, they can file a leave of religious holidays adopted.
Eid celebrations are usually held by their respective Muslim communities like the Muslim community of Indonesia, Morocco and Turkey. For Moroccan and Turkish Muslim communities residing in the Netherlands, there is a unique way of celebrating Eid al-Fitr, that is by consuming sweets and sweets of their origin. The celebration is known as the "sugarfestival".
Another Eid celebration is the openhouse, that is invite relatives and friends came to the house to enjoy typical meals such as Lebaran ketupat and chicken opor. Openhouse is a way they bersilaturrahim, which is usually held when the week end, not necessarily after the Eid prayers. Openhouse itself conducted by Indonesian Muslim community. In addition, Eid is also celebrated by holding arts performances for both children and adults.
Eid in America in general, it was announced via e-mail, website, or via telephone. Because Idul
Mubarak is not a national holiday, then the celebration has become not as warm as in other places, usually the Empire State Building in New York CityUnited States, will emit green lights as a tribute to the Idul Fitri holidays.
Muslims get up early to prepare breakfast, then went to the mosque, hotel ballroom or the field to attend Eid prayers. Lots of families who wear traditional clothing from their country, because there are many Muslim immigrants. Finished the prayer, followed by inter-congregational congratulated each other, "Happy Eid" or "blessed Eid" are the words most frequently submitted. Made to stay in touch with each other close acquaintances and relatives.

Tradition After Lebaran in Indonesia

Image by Ikhlasul Amal via Flickr
Muslim society in Indonesiahas a different tradition to enliven Hari Raya Idul Fitrior Lebaran. Each area usually has a distinctive tradition.Tradition held every Lebaran hereditary always held a gala.One after Idul Fitri tradition that still survives today is Watchlist hinggi Raye. The event was held in the City Pagaralam Muslims, South Sumatra, as a sign of "gratitude coming of Eid. Watchlist Raye means collecting relatives, family and neighbors during Idul Fitri Fitri to enjoy a mealThis tradition has become routine for the Tribe Besemah covering Pagaralam City area, Lahat district, District Semende, and the District Moreover the Muaraenim. However, in each region, the show can be different. For example, there are just coming to enjoy dishes from home to home.Then, there was also accompanied by other rituals. For example, before enjoying a meal, do the prayer together. There are also accompanied by a treat. Generally, Watchlist Raye only visited the house, all citizens eat in a hamlet with a menu that had been prepared host.Activities were carried out as a form of gratitude to God Almighty for having run a one-month fasting during the Ramadan. Pantuan Raye also had the aim of improving relations with fellow friendship.Although these traditions have lasted for hundreds of years or more, the tradition is still widely performed Pagaralam urban community living in hamlets, particularly those still holding strong custom.

According to a local community leader, Ruslan (55), Watchlist Raye still a lot to do people living in rural or community life that are still traditional.The tradition began with the gathering of residents after running the Id prayers. Then, alternately, the resident came home to enjoy every meal."There is a difference visit Watchlist Lebaran with Raye. It ituterletak on dishes and menus are presented in the host. If a guest Lebaran, we are only given in the form of grain eating cookies and drinking water taste. But, if Watchlist Raye at the event. Guests are required enjoy a feast of eating rice, either by serving or system-cisan Pran, "said Ruslan.When visiting between men and women are separated. Male guest and a visit from morning until noon, while the women at noon until late afternoon. No wonder if most people Pagaralam, every Idul Fitri and Idul Adha, rushing to serve the people who came to visit.
Especially when Watchlist Raye progresses, the guests who came in number could be more than a dozen people had to queue danbahkan. Each entered the homes of citizens, a variety of dishes prepared, starting tradisiomal cuisine, snacks, diamond. rice cake, and several other regional cuisine.Menu is typical for Pagaralam lemang, ripe yellow, the plague of fish, mushrooms Pepes, Pepes heart of banana, and curry in the bamboo. Has become a must for every guest to taste the food at each house visited. So that all the dishes tasted in every home, residents should eat a little.Meanwhile, the western slopes of Mount Merbabu community tradition to celebrate Lebaran undergo so-called Sungkem Telompak coincide with the 5th Shawwal 1431 H Banyusidi Village, Kecamatan Pakis, Magelang regency, Central Java, on Tuesday (14 / 9) then."Physically, when tradition takes place, the people of two villages met and berhalalbihalal. But spiritually, they run the spirit to preserve the environment, especially Telompak spring," said village chief Banyusidi, District of Pakis. Magelang regency, Riyadi.The tradition is marked by the arrival of hundreds of hermaphrodite-ten Hamlet, Village Pogalan, led by the Head of Dusun Sudarno Sardi and local community leaders to the Hamlet of Parto Wiyoto Gejayan, Banyusidi Village, received by the Head of Dusun Sulis Prasetyo accompanied by local leaders