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He studies in a mixed school in a foreign country and is asking about attending “sex education” classes


I am taking a class in high school which is called LMS(life management class). And the topic of sex, condoms, pregnacy pills, Anal sex and other sexual related topics will be discussed. And I am not much of a person of self control and I will get sexually exited if the class is disscusion sex. What i am asking is that is it halal to go to this class? Should i drop out of this class and go to some other class that is not LMS? Is it halal to disscuse sex, and anal sex in a mix envirement? What if i dont pertispate in this discussion? I am in public school, and i am forced to go by my mother. I am trying to convince her of homeschool but she will get mad and refuse. So is going to this school halal? What can i do about this, if i cant change the type of school i go into?.

Praise be to Allaah.

Western societies have become the worst disgrace in human
history, with perverted and deviant behaviour and corruption of human
nature. “Sexual madness” has become the preoccupation of all classes of
society, and not even their children in their homes or schools are safe from
them. Conferences are being held and resolutions are being passed about the
“necessity” of spreading “sex education” in the schools of those deviant
societies. They are not content only to corrupt themselves, but they are
also hastening to spread it to the Arab and Muslim countries so that they
will follow in their footsteps of temptation and perversion, so some of
those who were deceived by them followed them in that, and Allaah saves
whomever He wills by His guidance and help. 

The one who wants to save himself and his family should not
agree to be a part of those societies, or to live among them, and he should
refuse to take part in what they are doing of haraam things, evils and

Wise people in those societies have spoken of the necessity
of separating male and female students in schools. They have seen the many
evils that result from this mixing, and some of them attribute those evils
to moral corruption, and others to education. Whatever the case, mixing in
such places is forbidden in our sharee’ah. Islam brings that which is in the
best interests of both individuals and societies, in both spiritual and
worldly matters. 


What you mention is something to which we have previously
drawn attention repeatedly, and it includes three issues: 

Living in kaafir countries

Mixing in education

Studying “sex education” 

We will pause briefly here to say: 

Teaching about matters of sex and related issues to male and
female students at an early age leads to many evils, including the


Premature sexual development among male and female students.
It has been proven that many students do not wait until they reach the stage
when this subject is taught, rather they hasten to borrow the books from
their friends before they reach that stage!  You can imagine the extent of
the evil that can spread as a result, especially when older students take
advantage of younger ones to put what they have learned into practice, as
happens in those morally and religiously corrupt societies. 


The spread of illegitimate pregnancy among female students at
the secondary and university stage. Numbers have reached remarkable levels,
and this situation has led to the involvement of some educationalists to put
a limit on this matter, but how could these wise people reform a sex-crazed

The ratio of illegitimate children has risen to a dangerous
level. The government office of statistics in France states that the number
of illegitimate births rose to more than half of all births in France in
2006 (50.5 %), for the first time in the country’s history. Similar
situations are developing in Britain and America. 


There has been an increase in cases of rape among students.
There are many well known cases, and this matter is no secret to anyone,
rather the nightmare of rape haunts all female students and every female
student is waiting for the time when it will get her. 


There are many cases of students killing one another, or
students killing their teachers, all due to competition in winning the love
of a female student. 


There is no longer any shyness or modesty among male and
female students. You can see this in the way they are after these lessons,
and in their conversations with their families, and in their public


They hasten to put into practice the theories they learned in
those lessons, because it is well known that teaching these lessons is
something that provokes desire – as mentioned in the question – especially
if the teaching is accompanied by pictures or films. This is what makes the
students eager to try it out in real life, if only to discover that which
was unknown, then it quickly turns into a frenzy, and if a person cannot
practise it with the opposite sex he will practise it with the members of
his own sex, and thus perversion spreads. This is happening a great deal in
those societies, and they now have institutions and associations that defend
them and demand more rights and privileges for them. 


For all these reasons, we do not think that you or any Muslim
should live in those deviant societies, let alone study in their mixed
schools, or attend those provocative and evil “sex education” lessons. 

If this is the knowledge that they are teaching, what bad
knowledge it is! 

Listen to the testimony of an American female doctor who
worked in an Arab country, and saw the state of her own country, and
realized what was wrong with the spread of “sex education” among male and
female students in schools. She says: 

If your women in the east do not know some of the secrets of
sex that are known by American girls, I would say – with a clear conscience
– that it is better for you to remain ignorant than to enjoy this knowledge.
We have given our girls lessons so that they will know about sex in detail,
but soon one of them will leave the lecture hall, looking for the nearest
boy, to practise with him the sexual theories carelessly, as if she is
taking part in a play or playing a game. The natural result of that is an
increase in fooling about and promiscuity. 

See: Makaanaki Tuhmadi by Ahmad Muhammad Jamaal (p.
93, 94), quoted in Qadaaya al-Mar’ah fi’l-Mu’tamaraat al-Duwaliyyah
by Dr. Fu’aad ibn ‘Abd al-Kareem. 

Based on this, it is not permissible for you to attend those
classes, and the least that you should do is move to other classes that do
not teach these subjects. 

This is the least that you should do, although the basic
principle is that living in kaafir countries and studying in mixed schools
is haraam and you should leave, especially since your morals may be

And Allaah is the Source of strength.

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