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He is suffering from overpowering waswaas (insinuating whispers from the Shaytaan)

For some months i have been having a problem with waswas in both my prayers and when performing wudu.I keep forgetting what i have washed in my wudu and keep forgetting how much i have prayed.It has reached a point where i am making sajdah as - sahu for every single prayer because my mind keeps going blank.The more i concentrate on my prayer the more it occurs.Sometimes i think i must have read 6 or 7 rakats for a four rakat prayer because i simply cannot recal how much i have prayed and so i continue until i am certain.The more i do this the worse the problem gets. I want to ignore the waswas but i am not sure if this is sanctioned by the shariah.I feel it is the only way to rid myself of this disease.I read surah Baqarah and many dua related to the whisperings of shaytan and surahs falaq and naas.With regards to wudu i have a combination of problems as i feel tha i have not washed properly after using the bathroom or if my clothes get wet that there is something impure on my clothes.When making wudu i feel like i have not washed properly. I try to ignore these whisperings but i am terrified that if i ignore it and i am wrong, that my prayers will not be answered. I have reached a point where my prayers can take upto an hour or more to perfom and have become merely a ritual without any khushoo because of these problems. I finish one prayer and start fearing how i am going to manage to get through the next one. I feel i am trapped because there is no way i can miss a prayer as I know this is exactly what shaytan wants me to do. Please help me , may Allah reward you. 

Praise be to

advice to you first of all is that you have to consult a  psychologist;
try to find a Muslim doctor so that he will understand your problem.
Secondly, you have to take the easier option always, and do not think
about the sin or punishment. If you do not follow this advice, your
problem will continue. In a prayer when you are not sure whether you
have prayed three or four rak’ahs, you have to assume that it is four,
and the part of the body which you are unsure whether you have washed
it, you have to assume that you have washed it. This applies to every
situation you face: take the easier option. If you do that you will
have defeated the Shaytaan who has subjected you to this involuntary
waswaas. May Allaah heal you and grant you good health. 

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