Thursday, 6 October 2011

She frowns at him and forsakes him in bed because he does not give her her rights


I am a woman who obeys my husband and heeds the commands of Allaah, but I do not meet him with a cheerful face because he does not give me the rights that he is obliged to give with regard to clothing, and I have forsaken him in bed. Is there any sin on me for that?.


be to Allaah.

Allaah has enjoined good treatment between spouses and that
each of them must do what he or she is obliged to do for the other, so that
the benefits and interests of marriage will be achieved. Both husband and
wife must be patient in what they encounter from the other of shortcomings
or bad treatment, and must do what he or she is obliged to do, and ask
Allaah for the rights they are entitled to. These are among the means of
ensuring that the family survives and cooperates, and that the marriage

We advise you to be patient in putting up with the
shortcomings you encounter in your husband, and to do what you are obliged
to do of marital duties, and the consequences will be good, in sha Allaah.
Perhaps her doing her duties towards him will be a cause of him also feeling
embarrassed by his shortcomings and doing what is required of him. 

Whatever the case, we advise both spouses to do what is required of them towards the other, and to fear Allaah in doing their duties towards heir partners. End quote. 

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