Friday, 14 October 2011

Everything is created to serve man


The Qur'an speaks of the structure of the heavens and the earth
and of man, refers to the signs of reality in the various phenomena of the universe,
relates anecdotes of bygone nations, criticises the beliefs, morals and deeds of different
peoples, elucidates supernatural truths and discusses many other things besides.

All this the Qur'an does, not in order to provide instruction in
physics, history, philosophy or any other particular branch of knowledge, but rather to
remove the misconceptions people have about reality and to make that reality manifest to

It emphasises that the various ways men follow, which are not in
conformity with reality, are essentially false, and full of harmful consequences for
mankind. It calls on men to shun all such ways and to follow instead the way which both
conforms to reality and yields best practical, results. This is why the Qur'an mentions
everything only to the extent and in the manner necessary for the purposes it seeks to
serve. The Qur'an confines itself to essentials thereby omitting any irrelevant details.
Thus, all its contents consistently revolve around this call.

In Sura 'Al Teen' Allah says:

"We have indeed created man in the best of moulds, then do
We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low, except such as believe and do righteous deeds:
for they shall have a reward unfailing." (4­6)

These verses also indicate to the exalted position of man. To
man, Allah gave the purest and best nature and man's duty is to preserve the pattern on
which God has made him. But when he neglects this and goes in his own way, he will be
abased to the lowest possible position.

Verily, Islam is the first religion to declare Man as the
foremost of creation and the masterpiece of the Creator. Allah has cast man in the best of
proportions, made him spotless and by nature upright. Every person is born on Islam: but
his parents, environment and society turn him into a Jew, Christian or good or bad. Allah
declares in Sura Yunus that He guided every one to the Straight path of unity of Allah,
but they adopted different paths.

Learn Holy Quran because it will be a proof for us muslim on the Day of Judgment.

This is due to the statement of the Messenger: “And the Quran is a proof for you or against you.” [Muslim] so the deputy of every Muslim is to read quran and learn quran with tajweed so one of two things will occur with this proof, the Book of Allah. And this quran education will be in your favor, a proof for us on the Day when we will need every single good deed and learning quran along with doing quran memorization is one of it and to add more spread the quran teaching and spread the kids quran knowledge and listening to quran online and understand the quran tafseer , it will be something standing against us and follow the guidance of or prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and these good deeds will be a proof against us! Who could be saved from the terrors of that Day if Allah’s own Speech is against him?!?! Think carefully, so reading Arabic Quran and teaching our kids quran qaida with the tafseer of quran  and let the kids memorize quran dear Muslim brother or sister, about your position with the reading Quran! Are you neglecting it, contradicting it, being heedless of its orders and prohibitions, are you thinking deeply over it?! Will it be on your side on the Day of Judgment.? So learn quran recitation! O Allah! We ask you, by Your Glorious Speech and the rest of your beautiful Names and Attributes, to make the Quran a proof for us! So the Quran tutor should let his student know about these facts also,


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