Thursday, 14 June 2012

I do not know is cheating, done! What Islam are they talking about? Part IV of IV

Most publicized Islamic scholars today completely misinterpret Jihad and misrepresented to the public in general. These scholars, of a species, are in fact responsible for murders committed by people ignorant, selfish, who ignore why Islam was forced to fight battles in its history. The billions of believers, who are the backbone of Islam have no need of Fame, prestige of material prosperity while it is substantial to the good life. Those who coin the politics of Islam today had a commitment that is coming to an end in this 21st century. Is carried out more research about Islam; the more unknown territories appear in the light towards the unexpected path cohesion in an interdependent world regardless of our individual missions. At the end of the Bush era, Rumsfeld announced new methods of rupture of soil which favor studies of the Middle East within its Department of former Pentagon to face more unknowns in Islam. Findings in Islam still pointing out the facts that we are dealing here with conscious people made aware of decisions based on the strains of modern life. Here is the time to make crystal clear: it is in the interest of peculiar excursive (scholars and Western policy) and to keep feeding the idea that Islam is a threat. With that premise, all awhile logistics counteroffensive is designed to "fight" a potential threat.
An associated press news, National President Barack Obama Security Adviser provides a refutation swept Wednesday (May 27, 2009) in charge of former Vice-President Dick Cheney that United States is less safe under the new administration.
Pointing to increases in spending, trying to get out of Iraq and revitalise the strategy for Afghanistan and a broad campaign repair the U.S. reputation abroad, former general of Navy James Jones said that the nation is safer today which has been in defence.
Imagine a moment: how much a joke and savings would be if the Western world realized that the scam of the century long that Islam is a threat was allegedly by a group of scholars somewhere in Arabia who wanted to fight another group of brotherhood to be and remain the godparents of Islam when there is no need to Godfatherhood all in the business of this God? It will surely take time until the real Islam accused together and that damage assessment policy of the branch of Islam and participated in a project of effective restoration is worth: the constituent largest in Islam is Pacific and was prepared to live in a manner consistent and peaceful, worker. What is happening in some other can affect me negatively, helping people help themselves will help change me... that touch you always will be, sooner or later. You can not live forever and enjoy life forever, which means that we are here on a mission, timeline and fundamentals that remains to be grateful to those who before and after us in concrete forms...Manage externalities always has been a matter of survival in Islam; But what to expect when those disseminating news are interested in the facets more eccentric of the truth?
Demba Ndiaye

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