Thursday, 14 June 2012

How About a Cultural Islamic Renaissance Which Includes Maximum Freedom for Women?

The other day, I was speaking with an acquaintance and they brought up a very good point, and that was; what if the Islamic World had a renaissance which exploded with culture, new freedoms, art, and the advances of science? Consider if you will that the Middle East has a net inflow of global monies for oil and resources. Consider that the Middle Decentralists make very good businessmen (and women), and more and more folks are becoming highly educated. My acquaintance asks if within the next 8-years if this is possible? Well, these are all great concepts and questions so let's talk, shall we?
In my view, I'd say it is totally achievable, especially in key areas, in fact, it's already starting. Consider the progress in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, and Turkey. We could see the same in Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, and even Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Sure, I can see it plain as day, it's doable, even on that accelerated time-table.
Let's face it the Middle East needs the United States for the inflow of money, and the US needs the oil, and therefore like it or not we are coupled, and those mutual needs will not be changing anytime soon. It's obviously best if everyone gets along, and at some point the cultural differences must be celebrated for what they are and the differences understood, not as to barrier to friendship, but as a glimpse as to how others live and the wonderful diversity amongst human populations.
My acquaintance remind me that the US would be better off to assist in any way that the Middle East would ask for our assistance to help with a renaissance within their culture, regionally, or throughout, as the "Middle East will remain vital to US National interests." Yes, I agree with my acquaintance and would add something to that statement, because I don't see it as only in the Middle East.
I'd like to say that; "Every Region of the World remains vital to the US, and every nation, region, and peoples of planet earth have human interests to all nations and peoples!" So, with that said; "Ye" and plus; "we will continue to need the resources, as that light-sweet crude is perfect for our fuel needs here at home, and abroad."
So, since they need our money for their economy, and we do need the oil, we ought to find a way to mend our differences and move forward with a peaceful and friendly future. Please consider all this.

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