Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wake up!

Where are the Malcolms and where are the X's
People of today come back to your senses
Before the day comes where there'll be no recompenses
We are wasting our time at heaven’s expenses
Claim over the fences and lay over the Benz’s
The west looks at me with a funny type of way
Frown, clown do what you want but I'll never turn around
From the sunnah of the Prophet and the Holy Quran
Which makes up the perfect deen, the religion of Islam

I am filled with peace when at the masjid I hear the Iqama
But when I show more interest they call me Osama
Just trying to practice my deen so they call me extreme
They tell me I am too young, I am only sixteen
With Muslims of today there will be no sallah-u-deen

So wake up and come back home
How many times do we hear it, do we need a different tone?
It is time to go out there and get our Islam shown

Contributed by: Zakaria Amara

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